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Posted By: David Ingold

Date Added:  January 30, 2017


The Kingdom of God is at hand. On one side is a world of need and opportunity.  On the other is a generation of believers longing to make a difference.

We want to close the gap between the two.

Seg-Way Ministries, the ministry behind Kappa Pi Alpha, is developing opportunities in which the poor and disadvantaged may “labor, doing honest work… so that he may have something to share with anyone in need.” 


To advance this work, Greg Silker and friend Tyree Lawrence are building an Entrepreneurial Incubator called Catalysis.


Catalysis seeks to partner UnDiscovered Talent among youth typically categorized as underprivileged or “at-risk”  with successful entrepreneurs to start a new business.


KPA welcomes residents and others who want to be involved in social enterprise involving our “unDiscovered Talent” as key stakeholders.  Catalysis is available on an invitation basis. Contact Greg for more information.


Our goal is to help students follow Jesus’ in his heart to care for the poor but to do it in a way that fosters dignity and hope, not dependence.

KPA’s name (House of the Father’s Love) and motto (Purpose, Service, Hope) are based on the recognition that each of us has a God-given talent and purpose, that talent can be used to serve (as Jesus did) to bring the Hope of God’s kingdom.  One of the keys to our current work in the city is that fact that God has given talents to the “poor” as well and that we need to affirm and create opportunities for those talents. See for a great presentation of the approach.

We also hope to help students discover ways to serve God for life through their own passions and callings, here and abroad.


Photo:  Andrew Hanson founder of MATTOO speaking at at Bordertown Community event.

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