Kappa Pi Alpha is a residential community housed in a historic fraternity on the University of Minnesota’s fraternity row.

KPA provides a Christ-centered community for students and young adults as they take next steps in pursuing God’s kingdom. For some, that means University studies, and for others it means a more application oriented “apprenticeship” or launching a new project God may have put on your heart.


All of us seek to develop a lifestyle of community discipleship that can be practiced and enjoyed for a lifetime—in other words, we don’t want the vibrancy and sense of mission and purpose to end with college. The habits, disciplines, and desires that are shaped in college have a significant impact on how you spend the rest of your life. KPA is committed to developing a house culture that strengthens Kingdom resolve, considers the needs of others, and celebrates the joy we have in Jesus.


For more info go to the Live at KPA page.