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Hi this is Joanne Yun, who is a current resident of KPA. I am originally from South Korea and a transfer student from Hawaii. I transferred to the University of Minnesota in 2014 fall. I am majoring in Strategic Communication in Journalism school and minoring in Communication. I am a senior and will be graduating in 2016 fall.

I started to live in the KPA from last fall semester. I got to know about this place from Sojourn church around campus. I met Abbey and Ameido at church, and they told me more about this house. As soon as I get to know this place, I thought that this would be a perfect spot for me. Not only because it is a Christian house that I wanted to be part of but also I believed that I could meet many good people. After I actually moved into the house, I met many different people living in this community. At first, it was very overwhelming since I never lived with these many people in the past. Especially when I am in the kitchen, sometimes I felt awkward when I was unable to join people’s conversation. I do not have many things in common with people, and I felt that most of the people have already become very close. However, I really liked the people and the community as a whole since they are all very welcoming and willing to help if other people are having a difficult time. I was able to felt people’s kindness and warmness especially the day when I took a GRE test. For few weeks, some of the residents helped me to study the test and cheered me up. Unfortunately, I did not do well for on the test, so I was very upset and frustrated. When I got back home, some of the people in the house took me to dinner and bought a dessert. I really appreciated their kindness and thoughtfulness.
The only challenge to live in the KPA is that I can hear my neighbor so clearly. Since it is an old house, I can hear people talking at upstairs and downstairs. Sometimes it is too loud, but I do understand that the house does not have a soundproof.
Most of the time, I enjoy being part of this community, and I think it is one of the best decision that I made in Minnesota to live in this house. I want to live in this house as long as I am staying in Minneapolis! I am impressed with how strong people’s faith are toward God and community.

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