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Born and raised in the desert of Phoenix, AZ, I came to MN and studied mechanical engineering at UNWSP and the UMN. I now work as a Manufacturing Engineer at Entrust Datacard because I love problem-solving, people, and a little bit of chaos.


Growing up in the faith, God was always a part of my life and the church was always my family, but in late high school, his love and forgiveness really began to redirect my heart and mind. Since then, God has continued to show me his faithfulness in Christ through all my brokenness, doubts, and joys.

While I don’t know what the next 10 years (or next day) is going to hold, I am eager to explore God’s call on my life in two particular directions, vocation, and community. ​

The questions I’m still asking are,
1. How does Christ’s call on my life influence my work?
2. How can I give myself to the community so that Jesus’ church is built up?

Conversations around these questions are an important means to knowing God’s will for us, both individually and communally, in pursuing his kingdom. If I did have to a set goal for my life, then I really just want to help others see how the person of Christ impacts each aspect of life, even the mundane parts, and be part of communities that simply try to act that out together.

*  What do I love about living in community?
I love communal meals! Making and eating delicious (and sometimes not delicious) food together is a sweet way to spend time together. At the same time, such meals reestablish what it means to be human, that is, it brings us back to the essentials: we are desperately needy, we humbly look to God for provision, and we joyfully do it together.

* My vision for KPA
Having our unity in Jesus, I desire for KPA to be characterized by sacrificial hospitality, familial love, and daily dependence on God’s grace. Cultivating these practices will prepare students for a lifetime of purpose, service, and hope.

*Awkward fact:
I find most awkwardness really funny. When other people may silently cringe and die a little inside, I start chuckling, because sometimes life is just so inevitably awkward! I’m sure God laughs too.

At KPA, it’s pretty hilarious whenever two people coincidentally turn a corner right into each other, and one of them, especially a more skittish housemate, collapses on the floor in surprise. Even if that’s me on the floor, it’s pretty funny.
A recent quote I really like:
“Our longing for community seems to be a part of the image of the One Who made us, a part of the divine image whispered into us when we were whispered into being in the first place.”
― Robert Benson, A Good Neighbor: Benedict’s Guide to Community

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