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Posted By: Greg Silker

Date Added:  May 1, 2014


What is Catalysis?
Catalysis is a social movement that serves UnDiscovered Talent by mobilizing them in entrepreneurial opportunities.
Catalysis is a business that operates by return on investment and consulting fees.


Our world is full of Undiscovered Talent – typically referred to as “at risk or underprivileged youth,” or the “poor.”   We prefer to recognize their potential as UnDiscovered Talent (UDT)


Partners: Established or Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Catalysis runs Incubator/Lab, Facilitates Partnerships, Recruits, Oversees Coaches & Backers
Catalysis Key Players: 
who engage UDT in Partner owned ventures.
Coaches:  Mentors and Consultants for UDT led/owned ventures.
“Backers:”  Life Mentors for UDT
(note:  Equity in ventures may be negotiated and shared by UDT, Partners, and Coaches.)


Catalysis Services
Incubator – Startup Help for UDT and Entrepreneurs
Lab – Study Environment to test Entrepreneurial Methods
UDT Manpower to do “Discovery” and run lean “Build – Measure – Learn” startup cycles.
Access to Entrepreneur Talent Pool: both established and aspiring entrepreneurs
Access to new markets and ideas among UDT and their peers.


Catalysis Pitch
We are looking for Entrepreneurs with new ventures they want to pursue, Coaches and Backers who want to invest in UnDiscovered Talent, and Businesses looking to access our Talent.


Component Parts
META-MORPH – inspiration, mentoring and preparation for a life of entrepreneurship for UDT
CATALYSIS –  UDT involved in real business ventures


Catalysis is led by Greg Silker and Tyree Lawrence
Tyree Lawrence has a background in business and finance, is a community activator and founder of META-MORPH, LVY Foundation, and several other businesses.
Greg Silker is a filmmaker and marine photographer who has started numerous non-profits and businesses including Greg Silker Commercial Photo. Bordertown Coffee and Kappa Pi Alpha.


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