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Posted By: Greg Silker

Date Added:  March 5, 2013

More Info: Rally point for social enterprise and coffee.  


A local coffee shop that serves as an example of social enterprise and a rallying point for social ventures…


A place for comeraderie and wicked good coffee and baked goods (voted “Best Coffee House on Campus” in the Minnesota Daily Grapevine awards).

Bordertown is also a place where those seeking to start similar ventures can learn and practice in preparation for their own dreams.

Bordertown opened in 2004

Thoughts from Greg on Bordertown 
So, for me, the spiritual side of Bordertown (most people just come in to soak up the coffee and the great atmosphere)
To show what God is like: (acceptance, community, care for the poor and the outcast)…a fresh picture of God – with as little baggage as possible.
To be a rallying point for new creative projects that give opportunity.
To be a connection point between worlds…where people from different backgrounds and ideologies can be friends.

Bordertown Community and the Poor
I feel like serving the poor is one area where people from all kinds of backgrounds can connect. It’s one place where God’s heart is best seen.
We are all poor from his perspective. And Jesus identifies with the poor (in contrast to the those who are posturing or running away from poverty and death)
God sees poverty as the human condition. When we recognize it is our condition, we are able to connect with him and with one another.

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