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Posted By: Greg Silker

Date Added:  April 3, 2016

Between Cities is a journal for Christian thought at the University of Minnesota that aims to create a public forum for thoughtful engagement between Christianity and the life of the university.  With contributions ranging from apologetics to reflections on faith and vocation to reviews of contemporary culture to creative writing and art, the journal seeks to glorify God in every field of study and vocation.  Run by and for students, Between Cities also provides an opportunity for young Christians to refine their thoughts and prepare to engage with the public sphere through writing, revising, and leadership.

Kathryn Mogk, a KPA resident and the founding editor-in-chief of Between Cities, describes her vision in this way:  “I want to encourage students to connect what they’re studying in their classes with their spiritual and ethical commitments, their religious communities, and practical action in the world.  Only when we place the information in our textbooks and lecture notes in this kind of wider context will it come to life, weighty with moral seriousness and radiant with eternal significance.  I hope that Between Cities stands as a testimony to Christians and on-Christians alike that faith, far from being incompatible with reason, encourages and enables us to think well.”

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