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I am from Togo (West Africa).  I grew up going to church because my mom told us to go to church. When I turned 17years old and started going to the University in my country, I was invited to attend a campus ministry group meeting. The first time I visited was also the first time Jesus became real and personal to me. I was mentored through that campus ministry and was forever impacted and transformed. Since then, campus ministry has had a special place in my heart. That is one of the reasons why I currently work as a full-time campus missionary. I believe University Campuses shape future leaders. Therefore, it is a place where students can learn their identity in Christ, cultivate that identity and fully become whom they are meant to be, and consequently influence their field of study and work.


I am currently a campus missionary at the University of Minnesota with Seg-Way Ministries. This means a lot of things. Seg-Way ministries partners with ministries at the University of Minnesota as well as being involved with local outreach with the inner city and low income and vulnerable population in Minneapolis and around the world. My duties among other things is to disciple students and non-students alike that are involved at KPA which is Seg-Way’s Christian community house. I also mentor and disciple students who don’t live at KPA but who are involved with the community or the ministries that Seg-Way partners with. One of my newer roles is to help start and increase student focus bible study groups with Sojourn Campus Church which is one of Seg-Way’s ministries longtime partner. Seg-Way ministries also partners with an orphanage in Juarez Mexico. I am currently helping plan a short-term mission’s trip to Mexico where we hope to bring students to help them experience lie as a Christian in a poor community. I also help mentor some international students through Wilberforce Academy which is another partner organization with Seg-Way Ministries.


I am passionate about helping young adults such as students and non-students build spiritual maturity on their identity as beloved sons and daughters of God. I also love identifying key people, call out their potential; dream, plan, and partner with them to start an endeavor that will help end poverty in their community or simply stimulate human flourishing.


My blog is Stories in Pencil

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